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Her Extraordinary Face


Her face is extraordinary
With just a glance
You are alive
You live a full live
All heart desires granted
And its free to look

How then will I quit
Looking at the magical face
Where all needs are gotten
All prayers answered
And all exams passed

I never dreamed of it
Nor had illusion about it
Though I look like in sobriety
Intoxication I feel not
Cos all is reality
And not to wake up without it

Praying now to have the power
So I keep this to myself alone
Not because I’m selfish
But because my needs are much
It should have been the dream say
If i awoke and can’t find her

Here she is with me
24/7 without a dollar
I stare on all the time
Like watching a season movie
Changes I feel can’t be explain
Only you can interpret for thyself

When I look at her
My mind goes on a trip
With all my fantasies
Turning to reality
In my magical trip
Then I hope never to be back
Cos i now hate the old life

© Chris Ekong