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The Lucky Dream


It was a large area of land covered with darkness, no single light, no oxygen, tall trees but the number of people presents there is known by the chattering of noise they make.
People were shouting and murmuring!

“Move faster, faster, if only you want to survive”, that was the voice of the commandant of the place urging us to move to the other side where there is light and oxygen to breathe.
But the place is so dangerous, full of nails and other sharp cutting materials on the ground.

Walking so tired because I have nearly exhausted the time I could hold my breath, the voice keep shouting: “Move faster” and this time it was as if the person with the voice is running towards me.

I wanted to move faster but the sharp cutting objects fell me down and I woke up to struggle removing the bedspread from my nose. My body was full of hot sweat!

Was it a nightmare or God was trying to wake me up before I die with the bedspread wrapped on my nose?

© Chris Ekong

Ricky And Dream Kiss


His name is Ricky, known for being an angry boy.

Sleeping alone in his one small little room at the extreme of the apartment leaving the door ajar. He is currently chatting with a girl under the cool serene walkway of their college environment and the girl seeming to fall in love with him, he stretches for a kiss with his lips moving. I stood there amazed as he struggle on bed. Not wanting to let this continue as it looks scary to me, I tapped him and he gets up with a silly face to be angry with me for not allowing him have a taste of the girl’s lips.
All this made known after I received a slap from his long-short-fingered hand followed by a sorry.

© Chris Ekong

Ghost Tale III

After the many hours in cinema
Being left alone by my friends
The time speaking some minutes to midnight
I now have to walk home all alone
With all the vampire movies i watched
All images of the movies reflecting
Reflecting as lonely I trek home
Worsening situation for me
As I remember the ghostly track
It seems all the vampires I watched
Are all chatting in the track
Thinking they won’t let me go
Without doing what they are known for
“Blinding people who sees them”

Such a lonely ghostly thought I had
A thought that slowed my motion
Making the road three times longer
And ninety nine times scary

© Chris Ekong

Ghost Tale I

Immediately it is dark
The track seems darker than others
Scaring people away from using
With the instincts that its full of ghost
Which can slap and makes one blind

Even a mere passing through
One can hear an owl sound
A bird that makes its fearful noise
Always labelling the track ghostly

© Chris Ekong