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Me In Your Eyes


Seeing me in your eyes
I reach the highest of all
Myself will be in the sky
Flying with the angels

I will always want to wonder
How such power have you
Giving the lightening without thunder
So can I fly with a shine of heavenly light

Your power of changing a total me
Never allow me want to leave you
For a sensible man will always be
Close by your side to feel all these

You’ve turn me into a stubborn child
Not obeying my parents’ command
Using the smile that looks so mild
Intoxicating my inner soul

I went to the bad books and look
In mind hoping to see your written name
That you are a girl with invisible hook
Who can catch the soul of men without notice

Not at all did I see you
So I have made up my damn mind
To hand over myself to you
Play safe with it and let me feel

All they say will be in vain
Cos I can’t stop flying with angels
Who wanna go back to pain?
When my head is still on my shoulder

© Chris Ekong