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Good nor Bad


Did you know that if you are not righteous, they will say you are not going into the kingdom of God? And that if you are too righteous, you are at risk of dying young?
That is where things just get complicated for my little mind to understand!
I will like to go into the Kingdom of God to enjoy all the fruitful things of life so promised and to save my life from hell fire and be reunited with God the father directly once again but the complication of one being at risk of dying young as a more righteous person is my problem. They say one is t risk of dying young so one may not sin as one is already righteous. This is to say you should take your righteous life directly into heaven to avoid sinning.

You know what I do? I quit being any. I live my life the way I feel and choose to, no dulling, no good, no bad with all these scale of measurement depending on the angle you view it.

On the other hand, they say a sinner may live longer than the righteous for the fact that God is giving the sinner a chance to repent and embrace the ways of God. I love it but the vice versa is what I hate! 😦

I’m not good or bad, it depends on you the judge. 🙂