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(Source: http://sodahead.com)

I give her money and she say no
I check her out and she no hoe
I wanna tell her what she don’t know
I tell her I love you and she say ho

I kiss her lips and she scream more
I tell her we about to Chicago
Cos she know I got enough dough
Already, I got no foe

She is my friend so close
I take her high and not low
Will give you more things and cargo
Still rolling and we won’t slow

© Chris Ekong



I want to be your follower
I will buy you many flowers
If you let me kiss you
I will do anything for you

I came from just a far away
I drove along about many days
Just to see your fine face
Because it will end all my case

Your person is what am liking
Because it will help me fit in
All my problem they’ll be fixing
And my file they’re signing

Hope am not dreaming
Its like am rolling
I know am not in bed
Hallucination with my pet



With all the bullshitting
I wanna talk to you
Going out and coming back
All for what we gonna do
Other girls are just fooling
You are my only boo

You can attend musictechnique
Am the one to make you sing
All that I ever want
Encompasses in you as one thing
Keeping me sounding back and forth
All day like a ding-a-ling
For even in the midst of goddess
Is you I want to ping

© Chris Ekong