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Please make your comments because this thing has been worrying me and I wonder where humans will be if the earth shatter someday in the future. Or do you belief it may shatter at all?

Formed about 4.5 billion years ago
According to our field scientists
Years I always disagree with them
Cos they won’t show me a witness
Who can attest to their speculation

Now they say we are in a new face
Where the temperature keeps increasing
The cause attributed to many things
Some to humans activity
Some to sun proximity

Scaring they injects in me
When they forecast again
That there will be a time
When everything will die of
Due to much heats on earth
When the sun comes closer
Inserting it heat on us

I have a question for you
Do you belief in their words
That the earth shall someday shatter?
Maybe in the far future?

© Chris Ekong