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The Lonely Lady


So lonely
She sits there
Eyes not blinking
Far she travels
All in her thought

Wanted to busy
Brings out a phone
Wanted to press
Hands like no bone
Now she feels dizzy
Eyes feeling sleepy

In the mighty ocean
Trying not be drown
In her lonely thought
She has to succumb
To the power of sleep
Hoping to clear all thought
When she wakes up
In the next world

© Chris Ekong

She Changed The Night

Feeling bored
Cos I was lonely
So lonely the night was
That the time moves so slow
But started a chat with her
I feel someone besides me
I had someone to talk to
Someone to share feelings with
Its made me feel happy

A night I was praying
Praying it should yield a new day
Cos it was so bored and lonely
But with her as my companion
I stayed beyond midnight
Midnight seeming like so fast
That I got angry with the clock
Asking why that fast it should tick
Knowing its reality
I accepted its fast ticks
Cos only fast it was
All because She was with me
Filling the night with smiles
Turning the night a bliss

© Chris Ekong


Upon all the things that drop out of man
Tears are what I hate the most
Looking just like a clean water
It never drop when there’s no hurt

I think all tears should have been dirty
Cos not on a happy situation they come out
Even the tears of joys I have heard of
Its an hyperbole to exaggerate a sentence

If I’m ask to make a request for one thing
A thing that will make mortals full of happiness
I will request the total eradication of the tears
For it absence is joy to the heart of the owner

© Chris Ekong