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The Lucky Dream


It was a large area of land covered with darkness, no single light, no oxygen, tall trees but the number of people presents there is known by the chattering of noise they make.
People were shouting and murmuring!

“Move faster, faster, if only you want to survive”, that was the voice of the commandant of the place urging us to move to the other side where there is light and oxygen to breathe.
But the place is so dangerous, full of nails and other sharp cutting materials on the ground.

Walking so tired because I have nearly exhausted the time I could hold my breath, the voice keep shouting: “Move faster” and this time it was as if the person with the voice is running towards me.

I wanted to move faster but the sharp cutting objects fell me down and I woke up to struggle removing the bedspread from my nose. My body was full of hot sweat!

Was it a nightmare or God was trying to wake me up before I die with the bedspread wrapped on my nose?

© Chris Ekong