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Proud To Be Me


You having a white job
I’m doing a pink job
You having a glass house
With me I live with a mouse
Playing with your girlfriend
I do not even give a send
I feel proud to be me

You fixing your teeth with gold
I work all day in the sun with a mould
All that trash is to make a living
So why not keep your boosting
For those that may accept them
Maybe their food you provide them
I feel proud to be me

Leaving close to the creeks
Earning a living with the bricks
Feeling happy with what i work on
So what are ya feeling god upon
I feel proud to be me

I’m not jealous that you be
But just allow me to be
Don’t put your wealth in my eye
Cos tomorrow I will be in the sky
My name written on top magazines
Dining all day with the Kings
I feel proud to be me

© Chris Ekong