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In A Far Horizon


Looking into the world
With my small senses
I fell much than I see
That questions keep arising
Cos things seems bigger
While i feel smaller
Separating me apart
Into a far away horizon
From what is happening around
Leaving me with no interaction
With the within environs

Now how do i answer this?
How do I relate with the environs?
For in this realm i belong
I feel so lonely and shameful
With all the questions arising
Everyday I can’t answer

© Chris Ekong

The Lonely Lady


So lonely
She sits there
Eyes not blinking
Far she travels
All in her thought

Wanted to busy
Brings out a phone
Wanted to press
Hands like no bone
Now she feels dizzy
Eyes feeling sleepy

In the mighty ocean
Trying not be drown
In her lonely thought
She has to succumb
To the power of sleep
Hoping to clear all thought
When she wakes up
In the next world

© Chris Ekong

She Changed The Night

Feeling bored
Cos I was lonely
So lonely the night was
That the time moves so slow
But started a chat with her
I feel someone besides me
I had someone to talk to
Someone to share feelings with
Its made me feel happy

A night I was praying
Praying it should yield a new day
Cos it was so bored and lonely
But with her as my companion
I stayed beyond midnight
Midnight seeming like so fast
That I got angry with the clock
Asking why that fast it should tick
Knowing its reality
I accepted its fast ticks
Cos only fast it was
All because She was with me
Filling the night with smiles
Turning the night a bliss

© Chris Ekong

Some Minutes Before 6p.m.

Its barely some minutes remaining
Before people say its six o’clock
But to me, its already six o’clock
Because I feel like skipping the minutes
I feel like skipping the hours
Just to do away with this lonely evening
Hoping to see the next day
Maybe it will be a fertile one for me
A day I won’t have this kind of feelings

Some minutes before six o’clock
Just having a cool breeze evening walk
People discussing with each other
Me talking to my lonely self
Drown with all the thought of mine and others
My eyes rolling faster than ever
My heartbeat increasing
I know there are some questions to answer

Obeying my eyes
Turning my neck
Lo and behold
All walking in pairs
The guys and the ladies
I mean none walking single
This really slowed my heartbeat
And it makes me feel like a fish in a tiger kingdom

Then I start to ponder
Many questions envelop me
Then I managed to bring out one
Throwing it out to myself
Are they players than I am?
Now my legs are weak and I stop walking

Still in the traffic jam of my thought
Still thinking on how to solve this puzzle
Looking for how to pair up tomorrow
I feel a tap on my back
Then a voice common saying
So low the voice was that my shadow can’t get it
“Stop thinking and blaming yourself
You are just too timid”

© Chris Ekong