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But Why


But why…

Are you so arguably and doubtful
When you are not yet a fool
Your actions sometimes is null
Likewise you ain’t a numbskull
You’re so egoistic and a cynic
Should I take you to the clinic?
So they can check for hemorrhage
With your selfishness-
all you wear is a rag

Now you doubting every of me
Putting me where I don’t wanna be
You quote me now with lies
Not once, twice or thrice
I live in fear and suspense
Now I’ve lost everything-
Including self-defense
But why you treating me this way
Remember to keep in mind-
night will always turn to day

© Chris Ekong

Be Yourself


No matter what
You need to be kind
So just snub them
And shake your behind

Don’t bondage you
Set yourself free
Do something helpful
Maybe just plant a tree

Cut yourself Some slag
Take yourself out in a car
Going to keep it happy
Maybe even to the bar

You make me wonder
Why you’re so keen
To make others happy
Maybe you were born twin

I live my full life
Not saying you be bad
Why should I care
Am not even your dad

Life is beautiful
When you live it right
Just make up your mind
To live with the light

© Chris Ekong

The Party


Head shake and nods
In the beat agreement
Other parts joining

Pouring wine like-
the serve us free
Intoxication from you

You moving closer
My body cocks
Getting ready to fire

Disco lights on floor
Whether yes or no
Beautiful you look

Dj like drunk
Beat scattering
New and old dance

Like I wished
In high spirit
You in my arms

Heaven on dance floor
Eyes blinking steady
Reality it still is

Complete I feel
Now with a lady
Beautiful She is

Disco light on floor
Whether yes or no
Altar we’ll end

© Chris Ekong



Disappointment is life
I never see it so wrong
Unless its cut much like a knife
Your worry should be on how long

The hawk faces it much of the times
When it source of food seem to be a trap
It all got to try many of the times
Being sure it does away with the foul

Disappointed is quoted to the lazy
When you get no spirit for a second chance
You go home feeling so dizzy
The strong ones crave for their chance

You should wake up from slumber
Take a walk down the street
Do not loose hope like in casino
So finally your dream can be yours

© Chris Ekong

An Elergy To My Dad


Oh with drops of tears rolling down my eyes
When someone sow and reaping is not allowed
My cry sounding up to the sky
On my knees with respect, I bow

“Such is life” isn’t always a good sentence
For it may entirely ruin a life
Imagine the torture like you were serving a life sentence
Its cut through my mind each time like a sharp knife

You lived a good life as you could
Hoping the death could ever show mercy
Avoiding most life pleasure that you should
Investing all time in your children and showering mercy

We needed you more than we understand
Most of your child yet not say “I do”
Who will be the grey hair to stand
Behind us if not a legend like you?

My ink bow in writing
Praying you have a peaceful rest
In our mind you live forever
While I tender you these lines