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Peter And Argument


It is a lie; the guy is the best; over my dead body, I can’t accept it even with the presence of a gun pointed straight to my head!

That is how Peter will always argue with his voice above the roof especially when he is as drunk as this!

With a short stick pointed over his head, “You have the guts to argue with me? Even after I spent dollars here to buy you drink! You mean even with this number of people present in this bar, you still have the audacity to argue and want me to succumb to your own opinion?”.
To Peter; the guy’s face is red, I mean red that his mustache stood up!

“I’m sorry please, I don’t want to die now but hope to die someday when it is due, please remember they may ask you of me, they may say where is him that went out with you? Please forgive me, I won’t argue again”.

© Chris Ekong