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Your Honey


When I wake up in the morning
I roll up and count my money
She hear me count
Feeling the new sound
“I will like to be your honey”

© Chris Ekong




I freeze and bones crack
With just your eyes

I gaze and drop jaw
For your soft lips

I feel the urge to pee
When you walk

I lose control
When you come close

Your body so gorgeous
I never want to lose you

I promise to love you
With all my strength

© Chris Ekong



With all the bullshitting
I wanna talk to you
Going out and coming back
All for what we gonna do
Other girls are just fooling
You are my only boo

You can attend musictechnique
Am the one to make you sing
All that I ever want
Encompasses in you as one thing
Keeping me sounding back and forth
All day like a ding-a-ling
For even in the midst of goddess
Is you I want to ping

© Chris Ekong