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Planning First


Waking up in the morning
I see the bright new day
Yesterday plans on my mind
Cos I need not let myself astray

To meet up with my daily plans
Here I have to walk away
Leaving other things behind
Pretending as if I won’t dare

My ignorance I take as a bliss
Feeling sorry for all my mistake
Lack of knowledge might have cause it
All the punishment you give, I’ll take

Please temper justice with mercy
All my works is to build our future
So we can smile then till eternity
Leaving behind all the rules of nature

No one else can share in my love for you
Not even my work can distract me
Ignoring you just to build our paradise
So then we can go there to be

© Chris Ekong

We Ain’t Same


You having a white job
I’m doing a pink job
You having a glass house
With me I live with a mouse
Playing with your girlfriend
I do not even give a send
I feel proud to be me

You fixing your teeth with gold
I work all day in the sun with a mould
All that trash is to make a living
So why not keep your boosting
For those that may accept them
Maybe their food you provide them
I feel proud to be me

Leaving close to the creeks
Earning a living with the bricks
Feeling happy with what i work on
So what are ya feeling god upon
I feel proud to be me

I’m not jealous that you be
But just allow me to be
Don’t put your wealth in my eye
Cos tomorrow I will be in the sky
My name written on top magazines
Dining all day with the Kings
I feel proud to be me

© Chris Ekong