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I want to be your follower
I will buy you many flowers
If you let me kiss you
I will do anything for you

I came from just a far away
I drove along about many days
Just to see your fine face
Because it will end all my case

Your person is what am liking
Because it will help me fit in
All my problem they’ll be fixing
And my file they’re signing

Hope am not dreaming
Its like am rolling
I know am not in bed
Hallucination with my pet



With all the bullshitting
I wanna talk to you
Going out and coming back
All for what we gonna do
Other girls are just fooling
You are my only boo

You can attend musictechnique
Am the one to make you sing
All that I ever want
Encompasses in you as one thing
Keeping me sounding back and forth
All day like a ding-a-ling
For even in the midst of goddess
Is you I want to ping

© Chris Ekong

But Why


But why…

Are you so arguably and doubtful
When you are not yet a fool
Your actions sometimes is null
Likewise you ain’t a numbskull
You’re so egoistic and a cynic
Should I take you to the clinic?
So they can check for hemorrhage
With your selfishness-
all you wear is a rag

Now you doubting every of me
Putting me where I don’t wanna be
You quote me now with lies
Not once, twice or thrice
I live in fear and suspense
Now I’ve lost everything-
Including self-defense
But why you treating me this way
Remember to keep in mind-
night will always turn to day

© Chris Ekong

Hey Babe

Hey babe, please pardon me for my harshness
Your body is so succulent I can’t resist
Comparing it to a cucumber is lack of words
Cos in my dictionary, you have not a synonym

Standing from afar still not blinking
My eyes staring straight to your very direction
Even an ant bite send no notification
Cos all my reactions are working towards your direction

Talking to a lady has always been my problem
Not saying in my life I have met your type
Even when lying close to the seashore enjoying breeze
Not in that dream did I see some resemblance image of you

Now I feel the Pharoah of love is beside me
With all the canes of flogging he holds in his hand
Whispering the sounds of anger right inside my ear
That if I don’t talk to ya, all of the canes shall perish on my back

I believe my problems more than this should not be told
Even a glance on me will reveal more than my words
My body all wanting to have collaboration with yours
The sounds you hear are from my throat gulping saliva

That is all I can say for now
Before I collapse and leave a story
I believe at home we’ll talk more
‘Cause with you, I won’t lack what to say

© Chris Ekong