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Her Extraordinary Face


Her face is extraordinary
With just a glance
You are alive
You live a full live
All heart desires granted
And its free to look

How then will I quit
Looking at the magical face
Where all needs are gotten
All prayers answered
And all exams passed

I never dreamed of it
Nor had illusion about it
Though I look like in sobriety
Intoxication I feel not
Cos all is reality
And not to wake up without it

Praying now to have the power
So I keep this to myself alone
Not because I’m selfish
But because my needs are much
It should have been the dream say
If i awoke and can’t find her

Here she is with me
24/7 without a dollar
I stare on all the time
Like watching a season movie
Changes I feel can’t be explain
Only you can interpret for thyself

When I look at her
My mind goes on a trip
With all my fantasies
Turning to reality
In my magical trip
Then I hope never to be back
Cos i now hate the old life

© Chris Ekong

Me In Your Eyes


Seeing me in your eyes
I reach the highest of all
Myself will be in the sky
Flying with the angels

I will always want to wonder
How such power have you
Giving the lightening without thunder
So can I fly with a shine of heavenly light

Your power of changing a total me
Never allow me want to leave you
For a sensible man will always be
Close by your side to feel all these

You’ve turn me into a stubborn child
Not obeying my parents’ command
Using the smile that looks so mild
Intoxicating my inner soul

I went to the bad books and look
In mind hoping to see your written name
That you are a girl with invisible hook
Who can catch the soul of men without notice

Not at all did I see you
So I have made up my damn mind
To hand over myself to you
Play safe with it and let me feel

All they say will be in vain
Cos I can’t stop flying with angels
Who wanna go back to pain?
When my head is still on my shoulder

© Chris Ekong

Ricky And Dream Kiss


His name is Ricky, known for being an angry boy.

Sleeping alone in his one small little room at the extreme of the apartment leaving the door ajar. He is currently chatting with a girl under the cool serene walkway of their college environment and the girl seeming to fall in love with him, he stretches for a kiss with his lips moving. I stood there amazed as he struggle on bed. Not wanting to let this continue as it looks scary to me, I tapped him and he gets up with a silly face to be angry with me for not allowing him have a taste of the girl’s lips.
All this made known after I received a slap from his long-short-fingered hand followed by a sorry.

© Chris Ekong

Ghost Tale III

After the many hours in cinema
Being left alone by my friends
The time speaking some minutes to midnight
I now have to walk home all alone
With all the vampire movies i watched
All images of the movies reflecting
Reflecting as lonely I trek home
Worsening situation for me
As I remember the ghostly track
It seems all the vampires I watched
Are all chatting in the track
Thinking they won’t let me go
Without doing what they are known for
“Blinding people who sees them”

Such a lonely ghostly thought I had
A thought that slowed my motion
Making the road three times longer
And ninety nine times scary

© Chris Ekong