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Me In Your Eyes


Seeing me in your eyes
I reach the highest of all
Myself will be in the sky
Flying with the angels

I will always want to wonder
How such power have you
Giving the lightening without thunder
So can I fly with a shine of heavenly light

Your power of changing a total me
Never allow me want to leave you
For a sensible man will always be
Close by your side to feel all these

You’ve turn me into a stubborn child
Not obeying my parents’ command
Using the smile that looks so mild
Intoxicating my inner soul

I went to the bad books and look
In mind hoping to see your written name
That you are a girl with invisible hook
Who can catch the soul of men without notice

Not at all did I see you
So I have made up my damn mind
To hand over myself to you
Play safe with it and let me feel

All they say will be in vain
Cos I can’t stop flying with angels
Who wanna go back to pain?
When my head is still on my shoulder

© Chris Ekong

Planning First


Waking up in the morning
I see the bright new day
Yesterday plans on my mind
Cos I need not let myself astray

To meet up with my daily plans
Here I have to walk away
Leaving other things behind
Pretending as if I won’t dare

My ignorance I take as a bliss
Feeling sorry for all my mistake
Lack of knowledge might have cause it
All the punishment you give, I’ll take

Please temper justice with mercy
All my works is to build our future
So we can smile then till eternity
Leaving behind all the rules of nature

No one else can share in my love for you
Not even my work can distract me
Ignoring you just to build our paradise
So then we can go there to be

© Chris Ekong

In A Far Horizon


Looking into the world
With my small senses
I fell much than I see
That questions keep arising
Cos things seems bigger
While i feel smaller
Separating me apart
Into a far away horizon
From what is happening around
Leaving me with no interaction
With the within environs

Now how do i answer this?
How do I relate with the environs?
For in this realm i belong
I feel so lonely and shameful
With all the questions arising
Everyday I can’t answer

© Chris Ekong

Law of Respect


If you want or will want people to respect you, why don’t you start giving people respect.
When I say respect, it should be for the young and the old. You can’t just respect only the elders without also respecting the young whom you may be expecting respect from – the law of respect doesn’t work that way!

When they say “Respect is Reciprocal”. It was not to make a sentence, rather it was to tell you the “law of respect”.

© Chris Ekong