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My Heart


Snow hammering my door
Ice painting my sidewalk
Cold crippling my fingers
I rely on my heart for warmth

Tears dropping down my eyes
Heartbreaks from back and front
Disappointment everywhere
I rely on my heart for consolation

No money
No friends
Boring life
I rely on my heart for hope

© Chris Ekong

What I Intend


Ok let’s just say Don Chris was away or he was just sleeping on his poem writing. Also now we can say he’s woke up and is on his feet pointing two fingers to his chest with an ambition of continuing his poem writing this month.
I stand tall to keep it real. Can’t wait to see y’all read a poem in this blog again.
© Chris Ekong

The Dog and the Cat


I forgot that the Dog and the Cat cannot stay together without a spat!

I saw the dog and the cat
Both sitting gently on the mat
Hearing the cat miaowing
I know its happening
Maybe there must have been a spat

Coming out of the house with my hat
I saw the dog lying flat on the mat
Struggling to make a run
When the cat has no gun
But the dog is bigger in terms of fat

Then I realise strength is not how big
Because the cat might have given a kick
Right on the dog’s back
We saw it as a pat
Which makes the dog want to take a leak

Then I throw my hat on the cat
While the dog run and keeps the bark
That was just a wonder
That makes me to ponder
Then I conclude, the cat is a brat

© 2014 Chris Ekong

Old Age Not A Pride


Some are proud to be older than me
When I’m not proud to be someone’s elder
Everyday young is what I plead God to be
Cos I don’t want to be a history in years later

You’re getting old and approaching your death
A phenomenon I wish can be erased
It only sends you to that lonely depth
In the memory of your friends, you’re erased

Though it’s a road everyone must ply
The old wish they can once again be young
Knowing death always makes the mouth cry
With tears that may be with love ones for long

I write as if forgetting the unplanned end
A moment when things don’t work as it should
When buckets are kicked by the young with no amend
My ink tries to avoid it as far as it could

I never want to grow old with having nothing
A reason that makes me forget my birthday
All my desires are still labelled longing
Hoping someday they will come my way

By force is how I’m accepting it
When my facial structure attempt a change
Then I have to fight for here is it
Making sure I leave a remembering change

© Chris Ekong

My Appreciation


I’ll call you my happiness
For this luck you grant me
Giving me enough words
To write when am in need

I never hope of this
Talking about you is fun
Putting it down gives memory
Updating it here gives me copyrights

See what you have done?
Making me the poet I wanted
With hourly words to write
About you without exhausting

My appreciation is rendered
Not with a dollar or pounds
But with the smile on my face
While I ink down this piece

© Chris Ekong

Wicked Love


Here I am half-smiling
With all the bruise in my heart
Caused by a loving lady
Just for despising her power of harm

She throw me off balanced
Giving me a new stage of life
I always will have a multi-stage
Cos adaptation is the key

I adopt uniformitarianism
So I can fail her deadly wish
Of making me meander with loops
Trying to keep the flow steady
Leaving her with disappointments

She broke the mirror
Forgetting that isn’t my face
And even on the broken mirror
I still look handsome
Cos I left the old stage behind

© Chris Ekong

Lacking Courage


Still in my world
My world of segregation
Thinking aloud
Without my knowledge
Saying I’m so separated
From the world of others

Here a crippled man
Sitting besides me
Just murmur out some words
Saying if he had what i have
The world would have been his

But here I am
With all it takes physically
Talking nonsense to his ears
Lamenting for my inability
To do what I can
Just lacking courage

I left with tears
Rolling down my cheeks
For my inability
To recognise me
But someone out there
Knows me than I do

Am I a cow?
That knows it
Tail validity
When it loses it?

© Chris Ekong