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This My Cry


She makes me cry
Even when I try
To make her happy
Treating her like a baby

I become so crazy
For her being so saucy
In the midst of joy
She treat me to toy

I stop always to ponder
If all I need is a wonder
From the God Most high
To end this my cry

© Chris Ekong



Disappointment is life
I never see it so wrong
Unless its cut much like a knife
Your worry should be on how long

The hawk faces it much of the times
When it source of food seem to be a trap
It all got to try many of the times
Being sure it does away with the foul

Disappointed is quoted to the lazy
When you get no spirit for a second chance
You go home feeling so dizzy
The strong ones crave for their chance

You should wake up from slumber
Take a walk down the street
Do not loose hope like in casino
So finally your dream can be yours

© Chris Ekong