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Life Needs It


I once hope in my life to be a very good man when I grow up. Maybe I will call that “my childhood wish”.

Now the way things are happening to me, the way my life is receiving suffering, the way people lack the ability to show me mercy; I hope to be a very good tyrant man starting even from now.

The world has mould us to be strong and self-reliant, and we must adapt to it before we can survive. Competition and predation is of much numbers. Well, I must change now from my life of simplicity. I have no choice!

It doesn’t really make sense to be a simple person when people have been grinding your happiness with sadness and slapping your butt all the time.

You become so simply to everyone and everything around you then they turn around to alleged you as being weak and ignorant. Even when you try to ignore their inability to understand the difference in being weak and being simple to compromise with others decisions, they keep on pushing you to the wall of so many allegations and sadness. I know that one has to be strong to overcome the temptations that comes to ones life all the time especially if one is actually planning to progress because some of these things are hurdles along all progressive men’s path! I promise to overcome them but this time, maybe using what they actually want.

I must change !!