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What I Intend


Ok let’s just say Don Chris was away or he was just sleeping on his poem writing. Also now we can say he’s woke up and is on his feet pointing two fingers to his chest with an ambition of continuing his poem writing this month.
I stand tall to keep it real. Can’t wait to see y’all read a poem in this blog again.
© Chris Ekong

Be My Love


Will you ever be my lover?
I’m just a simple straight boy
I play nothing undercover
Promise all thing except nothing

With the hope that is in me
If all they tell me is true
Paradise is where we ought to be
And no stress we’ll pass through

I put it up in you all my love
You hold me with all thyself
With no work in the wharf
We swim all day loving ourselves

Allow me give it all to you
Putting you up for the world to see
The things that a love can do
Dining both on land and in the sea

All wants and needs will be yours
Both home and in sojourn
No time shall you knock on the doors
All ways are open with your hand

You promise to keep me high
Even with the little I have
Keep your promise so it won’t be lie
‘Cause my trust I sold to you

© Chris Ekong