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My Wants




All I want is free life where I will be able to have all I want.
You wanna know what I want?
Here it is like a poem with rhymes ❀

Less love
More sex
No calls
Just texts
New girl
No ex
More sleep
No stress

That is all for now but hoping to expand the list later. πŸ™‚

© Chris Ekong

Free Life


be free


Have you ever been told that a person has the right to live a free life? Now you do, so smile πŸ™‚
Then how come someone tries to cage you or make life miserable for you? Don’t you think gun license should be made as easy as eating so as to use it when necessary?
Ask your government why they won’t do it? I really need one because where I live seem to be full of great and talented enemies.

Just try to live a free life because you deserve it and let no one cage you with his/her choice or some kind of rule.
The people around you will try to impose their not necessary hard to keep rules for you when they know such isn’t applicable if the free life was to be felt by any individual.
Just ditch it and be free indeed as long you keep to the moral law.:) πŸ˜‰

Every Minutes


stay rich

There is one thing about me that I think this is the right time to say it out.
I learnt that if you miss a minute, you can’t get it back and this is what I do!

I can’t just sit down without doing something. Atleast I will either be playing music, looking at girls, ❀ sleeping, writing poems, reading geomorphology, discusing about money etc. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
Doing all these to make sure I utilise every minutes of my life for a minutes lost, cannot be gained.

Happy Sunday Friends and Family πŸ™‚


Life Needs It


I once hope in my life to be a very good man when I grow up. Maybe I will call that “my childhood wish”.

Now the way things are happening to me, the way my life is receiving suffering, the way people lack the ability to show me mercy; I hope to be a very good tyrant man starting even from now.

The world has mould us to be strong and self-reliant, and we must adapt to it before we can survive. Competition and predation is of much numbers. Well, I must change now from my life of simplicity. I have no choice!

It doesn’t really make sense to be a simple person when people have been grinding your happiness with sadness and slapping your butt all the time.

You become so simply to everyone and everything around you then they turn around to alleged you as being weak and ignorant. Even when you try to ignore their inability to understand the difference in being weak and being simple to compromise with others decisions, they keep on pushing you to the wall of so many allegations and sadness. I know that one has to be strong to overcome the temptations that comes to ones life all the time especially if one is actually planning to progress because some of these things are hurdles along all progressive men’s path! I promise to overcome them but this time, maybe using what they actually want.

I must change !!

Good nor Bad


Did you know that if you are not righteous, they will say you are not going into the kingdom of God? And that if you are too righteous, you are at risk of dying young?
That is where things just get complicated for my little mind to understand!
I will like to go into the Kingdom of God to enjoy all the fruitful things of life so promised and to save my life from hell fire and be reunited with God the father directly once again but the complication of one being at risk of dying young as a more righteous person is my problem. They say one is t risk of dying young so one may not sin as one is already righteous. This is to say you should take your righteous life directly into heaven to avoid sinning.

You know what I do? I quit being any. I live my life the way I feel and choose to, no dulling, no good, no bad with all these scale of measurement depending on the angle you view it.

On the other hand, they say a sinner may live longer than the righteous for the fact that God is giving the sinner a chance to repent and embrace the ways of God. I love it but the vice versa is what I hate! 😦

I’m not good or bad, it depends on you the judge. πŸ™‚

Notorious or Celebrity


There are just two ways to be popular in life. Either you are a celebrity or a notorious person. The choice is yours.

Being notorious is quite interesting until when the government declare you wanted though that is another means of increasing your popularity ratio. But remember, being notorious is always weigh to the bad side!
Now on the other hand, being a celebrity is quite interesting and pleasurable. You will be celebrated for who and what you are. That is great because is ranked to the good side.
But I got a problem with some celebrities nowadays, because beauty is celebrated rather than mentality.

Make A Choice Today!!

What I Intend


Ok let’s just say Don Chris was away or he was just sleeping on his poem writing. Also now we can say he’s woke up and is on his feet pointing two fingers to his chest with an ambition of continuing his poem writing this month.
I stand tall to keep it real. Can’t wait to see y’all read a poem in this blog again.
© Chris Ekong