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My Wants




All I want is free life where I will be able to have all I want.
You wanna know what I want?
Here it is like a poem with rhymes ❤

Less love
More sex
No calls
Just texts
New girl
No ex
More sleep
No stress

That is all for now but hoping to expand the list later. 🙂

© Chris Ekong





I give her money and she say no
I check her out and she no hoe
I wanna tell her what she don’t know
I tell her I love you and she say ho

I kiss her lips and she scream more
I tell her we about to Chicago
Cos she know I got enough dough
Already, I got no foe

She is my friend so close
I take her high and not low
Will give you more things and cargo
Still rolling and we won’t slow

© Chris Ekong



secret love


I care for you in case
But cannot express
I adore you a lot
But not in lust
I can kiss your lips
But not when you peep
You are my love
But its a secret

I promise to understand you
I promise to care for you
I promise to respect you
I promise to be your fool
As well as be your tool
Will give you happiness
And promise not sadness

All these in me
It will not be
Because its a secret

© Chris Ekong



growing child



She was small and likes to creep

Touches every button that will make a beep

Plays with all pets including the sheep

And disturbs a lot while you sweep

She grows up and big to keep

Works and even forgets to sleep

I told her “be good;” that’s what you’ll reap

She had an ambition to even buy a jeep

I call that advances in life a leap

© Chris Ekong

Uniuyo Ravine



With a high steep sides
With the evergreen trees
With the animals in it
So marvelous it look

The sky look so clear
From afar it look smokes
The ground with shrubs
A real insect habitat

Springs flows from it
Different shapes of rocks
So beautiful like marble
Clayish all the slope-sands are

Such a site view
One of the few
In our dear state
Fenced with wire gate

© Chris Ekong