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Blue Bird


Poet's Corner

Poignantly paused in sullen stare,
her quiet embarks a journey there
that pulls a long red thread through time,
where memories’ stitch runs soft in rhyme,
yet for no other reason
this time alone entrapped.

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~ Enduring Love ~


For Love Ones!!

Poet's Corner

~ Enduring Love ~

The Serenity Room
The voice of undying love
Whispers to the dying:

Love of my youth
My adorable Adonis
Age has come upon us
Here, take my hand,

Adorned with
Dedication, devotion,
Your Antigone I will be
Leading you through
Darkened fears;

Together, we’ll endure
These hands of Time

Eyes no longer to see
Our hearts to guide
Final feeble steps

Soon, I will follow
In the wake of your love
Wait for me, my love…
Wait for me.


***It is in the elderly relationships, marriages that endured…triumphant, that we get a glimpse of true loves meaning.*** my parents were married fifty-six years*** this poem honors all enduring marriages.

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