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About Chris Ekong

Just a stubborn dude who always like to do what he knows how to do best. I don't like what is hot, I like what is cold and cool. Poet, fiction and non-fiction writer, writer, composer and a Coastal Geomorphologist.

My Wants




All I want is free life where I will be able to have all I want.
You wanna know what I want?
Here it is like a poem with rhymes ❤

Less love
More sex
No calls
Just texts
New girl
No ex
More sleep
No stress

That is all for now but hoping to expand the list later. 🙂

© Chris Ekong





I give her money and she say no
I check her out and she no hoe
I wanna tell her what she don’t know
I tell her I love you and she say ho

I kiss her lips and she scream more
I tell her we about to Chicago
Cos she know I got enough dough
Already, I got no foe

She is my friend so close
I take her high and not low
Will give you more things and cargo
Still rolling and we won’t slow

© Chris Ekong



secret love


I care for you in case
But cannot express
I adore you a lot
But not in lust
I can kiss your lips
But not when you peep
You are my love
But its a secret

I promise to understand you
I promise to care for you
I promise to respect you
I promise to be your fool
As well as be your tool
Will give you happiness
And promise not sadness

All these in me
It will not be
Because its a secret

© Chris Ekong

Free Life


be free


Have you ever been told that a person has the right to live a free life? Now you do, so smile 🙂
Then how come someone tries to cage you or make life miserable for you? Don’t you think gun license should be made as easy as eating so as to use it when necessary?
Ask your government why they won’t do it? I really need one because where I live seem to be full of great and talented enemies.

Just try to live a free life because you deserve it and let no one cage you with his/her choice or some kind of rule.
The people around you will try to impose their not necessary hard to keep rules for you when they know such isn’t applicable if the free life was to be felt by any individual.
Just ditch it and be free indeed as long you keep to the moral law.:) 😉



growing child



She was small and likes to creep

Touches every button that will make a beep

Plays with all pets including the sheep

And disturbs a lot while you sweep

She grows up and big to keep

Works and even forgets to sleep

I told her “be good;” that’s what you’ll reap

She had an ambition to even buy a jeep

I call that advances in life a leap

© Chris Ekong