Memory Lane


Submitted by: Akanimo Edet.

I have seen what I can’t explain
I have heard what I can’t talk about
I travel nowhere but I was there when it happens
I try and failed countless times
But now I have started a fresh
I try to ignore all the old memories
But how can I forget my origin?
I heard myself asking this question
I pause for some moment to think
For some seconds still not an answer
I asked my wise friends but they can’t answer
I asked my elders but still no answer
I asked Google but no result match it
I feel ashame and disappointed
But I see myself laughing on the wall
Smiling in a small and big hanging paper
My failure memories still hunt my mind
Just like a hunter hunting lions
I succumb myself to nature
I lie down waiting for sleep
Without a reason this world is cruel

© Chris Ekong

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