Women’s Power

When told, I used to argue
As long as I’m a man, they can’t power me
Is it with their emotional self? I will always retaliate
But when I confirmed it, I didn’t need an answer

If they try it with the words of their mouth and fail
Atleast men will succumb to their precious tears
A drop that always change the lovers action
Turning all things to their own direction

If you never succumb, please don’t doubt
The woman you are referring has not used it well
Not a don you should call yourself yet
For I know coming is the day you shall crawl, begging like a toddler

The power they have, I belief works well with men
For a fellow woman can still withstand them
Coming to the strongest mortals called men
It tamed and lower our strength like a castrated lion

The happiness I have is just in one thing
That this power are not used so often as men will do
Cos by now most of us will have become just like maids
Always succumbing to the power of women

© Chris Ekong


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