My Mother


My first love goes to My Mother
Because I have search but find no other
That have the mindset to care
To the extent of doing the un-dare

She does not wait for me to require
But I wonder how She knows my desire
She has everything like a website meta
That’s why my request has no option for later

I wonder if She ever has a rest of the brain
But I thank God for granting Her enough strength
To do everything even the others
And to take care of my other brothers

She did all the training from my birth till now
All to change my life to a renown
She never look at my bad ways and desist
Rather living a good life is all She insist

She creates me many opportunities
All by preventing me from negativities
Then I pray that God makes Her life long
Because with Her, all the good groups, I will belong

© 2014 Chris Ekong


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