Yes, it may sound harsh and raw to use the above caption, but truth be it that it is very possible for a woman to commit suicide than for Arsenal to win the trophy.

I equate the two achievement together because they worth the equation.

If you had planned to commit suicide, maybe you would have help us win the title, but you did not, and we are not. I cannot imagine a team that was among the competitors for the English Premier League title struggling now to qualify and retain the fourth position. In fact that was an understatement because they were on top of the league with a five points gap. Then why is the table turned around against us and who turn it?

Please do have your say, what is wrong in the team?


About Chris Ekong

Just a stubborn dude who always like to do what he knows how to do best. I don't like what is hot, I like what is cold and cool. Poet, fiction and non-fiction writer, writer, composer and a Coastal Geomorphologist.

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