Due to the current situation of waste disposal and recycling in the country, there is need for waste disposal enlightenment to the citizens.

With the enlightenment program to the citizen on solid waste disposal, citizen will then know how to package their waste depending on the waste recycling quality.

Waste that can be recycled should not be mixed together with those that can’t be recycled so that it will be possible for the sanitation agencies to dispose of the waste properly rather than mixing them together.

Also there are waste that can decay if they are dump and those that can not decay, so there is really the need for enlightenment program to be carried out in the country for demarcation of waste for refuse which will in turn help in disposal.

This program can be achieved through seminars and the provision of separate waste bins for waste disposal depending on its quality.

Of course, this program will help keep our environment clean.

As an environmentalist, that is my opinion.


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