Quite often, people tends to confuse Global warming with Climate change which are in fact different concepts entirely although climate change is as a result of global warming.

Firstly, let us define the two concepts separately so as to find their differences and relationship.

Global warming is a situation whereby the tropospheric temperature increases as a result of the inability of the terrestrial radiation to escape from the lower atmosphere because of the increase in the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and on the other hand, Climate change is a result or the outcome of global warming which causes the earth’s surface temperature to increase thereby altering the climatic condition.

The presence of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere keeps the environment warm by blocking some of the re-radiation from the earth’s surface; in fact, it acts as a blanket that covers the earth’s lower atmosphere and thus rendering the environment suitable for habitation by moderating the surface temperature.

It is quite clear that carbon dioxide is essential to be present in the atmosphere because without it, the earth surface will be too cold at night when the radiation has all gone back to space but in a situation where the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is too much, it becomes a problem.

The problem is when its amount increases, it will not allow any re-radiation from the surface of the earth surface thereby keeping the lower atmosphere too hot to be suitable for habitation.

The increase in the atmospheric temperature leads to climate change (it change because this is not the way it should be if the amount of carbon dioxide has not increase in the atmosphere) which in turn causes the ice caps in the polar region to melt because of the high temperature. This melting of the polar ice caps increases the volume of our ocean water and other water bodies which will practically leads to unusual flooding and destruction of our structures mostly to places close to water bodies.


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