People thinks the number one problem of Nigeria is corruption, but i want to use this medium to plead for a disagreement. Note that the topic of my write-up is not “why you should or must pray for corruption” but rather “why you may pray for corruption”

My points of disagreeing with you may be because of my status of wealth but i think and believe it all affects the poor and the fittest.

The point is, without corruption in Nigeria, the poor peasant farmers wouldn’t have atleast have an extra cash to feed his or her uncontrollable number of children because he or she would have eaten only from what he or she gets, maybe from the inherited properties of his parents or her husband’s own only, but because of corruption, that “big” man in their town will only add maybe four (4) zeros to his monthly allowance or siphon a project money thereby having an extra cash to shower on the poor peasant farmer which will in the other hand increase the farmers income for the month.

The poor farmer at that moment of being showered with an unexpected cash will be thanking and praying for the “big” man’s long life forgetting that if the “big” man has not corrupted himself and his country, he wouldn’t have been able to carter for all his wants, children’s need and school fees abroad and also have an extra cash to remember him/her as the poor farmer in the village.

Then how do we in hell think corruption is not good for atleast allowing our oil money to gets into the hands of all citizens.

And remember, the corrupted “big” man receives blessing every time he shares the money and me and you will be running helter-skelter to collect it.

After collecting the money, do you atleast for one moment ask yourself how come the money in your pocket without corruption?

Then maybe you would have prayed for more.


About Chris Ekong

Just a stubborn dude who always like to do what he knows how to do best. I don't like what is hot, I like what is cold and cool. Poet, fiction and non-fiction writer, writer, composer and a Coastal Geomorphologist.

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