Here I am again! Today I want to write on the ‘Relationship
Between Culture And Natural Resource’. This might sounds
unrelated but there truly exist a relationship between them. Read

Culture has a paramount role to play when it comes to the identification and the utilization of any natural resource in the
environment. First let us check on their definitions.

As we all know that a natural resource is any material that is naturally occurring in the environment and is perceived by the people in the society which has the worth to satisfy their economic and material well-being and on the other hand, Culture according to the Concise English Dictionary is the customs, ideas and social behaviour of a particular people or group.

This culture with its norms and customs sets certain boundaries and restrictions on its people in the identification of natural resources which tends to boost the usage of some naturally occurring materials and leave
others in its neutral-stuff state.
A material in its neutral-stuff state is when the people do not perceives it as useful to classify it into a resource which means the material does not possess the
characteristics needed by such people for usage and this maybe
as a result of cultural norms or lack of know-how. Before any
material can be consider a resource, the people must first of all notice its significance. This means that there is no norms set
aside by the culture to restrict people from using such a material
in that society and that the people also know how to use it.

I think we should take our thinking back home to see if there is any natural thing that our culture forbids us from using! If you have been able to figure out one example, that is good and if you can not figure out one, there is no problem, just continue reading.

If you had figure out one, have in mind that there may exist a culture which perceives the same material that your culture forbids, as a resource because the material is capable of satisfying their economic and material well-being. A clear picture of that is; a snake is a natural resource, but in a certain cultural community or background where the culture forbids the people from eating or
using it, then snakes are not resources to the people of the
community because snakes can not either satisfy them economically or materially. You may also agree with me that
there exist a community where snakes will be perceives as a
resource because they make use of it.

Culture leads to the proliferation of some resources because they are not used in the society and depletion of some because of it overuse. Overuse may be as a result of the value attached to such a resource by the culture or because there is no other substitution for it.
Note that there may exist a substitution but the people has not yet perceive it as a resource. Now due to the advancement in
technology and the less raw materials available for production,
some forbidden materials which were in the realm of neutral-stuff has been perceived by the society as a resource and their cultural bond has been broken.

I hope the above explanation
serves as a basic help for the Relationship Between Culture And
Natural Resources.


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