As we are here in campus making some political noise, i paused to ask myself some questions and the questions really need answers or i may lose all hope.

I know two things are worrying you now; first is what are the questions and second; what hope is he losing? Ok let me tell ya..

My questions are: how do these aspirants get all this money they are spending on this election campaign? I mean, cartoons of indomie, crate of beers, wines and so many items not even to talk of the vehicles fuel they are burning.
The second question is: are they really going to recover this money if they win? And what of, if they lose?

The hope I’m about to lose is, if actually they are the owner of this money they are using for campaign, then there is no need for me to have an ambition of contesting as an SUG President as i earlier dreamt of because i would not even dare tie a five hundred thousand naira for campaign not to talk of more even if you sponsor me on that. I will have use such an amount for other things.

I still dey wonder o


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